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Fibre optic technology has now vastly changed considerations when designing a communal aerial system. Fibre optic technology has now come down drastically in price, making fibre a viable option for communal systems. FIRS – or fibre IRS, meaning fibre optic integrated reception systems. Fibre IRS systems are basically a fibre optic version of an IRS system.

Fibre IRS equipment – the advantages

Fibre equipment is very different to running a normal coaxial (copper) system via coaxial cables. The obvious difference is that the main cables are fibre optic. Copper has become much more expensive in recent years. Fibre optic cables have become far cheaper for the aerial industry.

The difference can be immense! Perhaps the biggest advantage of using fibre optic cables are the ability for the aerial and satellite signals to be carried with exceptionally low loss and very little degradation.

Fibre IRS technical advantages

A comparison of fibre optic cables versus copper type cables.

3dB loss or gain of a signal is either a halving ( loss) or doubling (gain) of the signals. Copper type high quality CT100 loses approx 21dB over 100metres, or 210dB over 1000metres.

Fibre optic cables lose approx 0.35dB per 1000 metres! This is outstanding from a technical point of view. Aside from the obvious great quality signal, the C/N ratios (carrier noise) are massively better. This makes the planning of fibre optic systems much easier. This also from both a technical and practical view point, vastly better.

Fibre Optic IRS Installation Companies

Because for aerial systems fibre is a very new phenomena, there are few few communal aerial companies that have actually installed Fibre IRS systems. Communal Aerials currently get calls from other aerial companies, asking what could be wrong with the fibre system they have installed. The fact is, installing fibre is so different, it is a completely different skill set required, so choose wisely when sourcing communal fibre IRS companies. There is far more to it than most aerial companies realise. The CAI website is a good initial resource. The obvious criteria is to look for a company like Communal Aerials Ltd, that have a proven track record installing fibre optic systems.


FIRS ( Fibre Optic IRS systems) Installers

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