IRS systems For Aerial and Satellite

IRS systems are a communal aerial system that carries with it the potential for TV analogue (until switch off), DTT – digital terrestrial TV, FM, DAB ( digital radio) and Sky, Sky Plus & SkyHD, Freesat and Freesat HD, ( or other satellites all through 1 or 2 cables.

IRS systems (integrated reception systems) are the best and probably the most common type of new communal aerial system that are being installed at the moment. IRS systems offer fantastic freedom of choice for residents to be able to choose their own viewing, with no ongoing licensing costs to the block or buildings. If residents want to subscribe say for example to Sky Sports, they can do, at their own cost. Most local authority buildings install IRS. The majority of privately owned blocks that want a new system also install IRS as it offers teh most flexibility and choice for all, now and in the future.

IRS systems – planning

IRS systems are planned completely differently to the old way of running a communal aerial system called T & Branch communal systems.

IRS systems for communal blocks tend to be star-wired, meaning all cables go back to one or more strategic positions, with no breaks in the cable or splitter units. This is needed because all aerial cables will carry all signals including satellite, to ensure maximum choice for residents.

Effective planning from the outset will ensure a far superior performing and far more aesthetically pleasing installation for all residents.

FIRS – Fibre IRS

Fibre optic technology is not that new per se, but it is very new from a communal system opint of view and is a speciality in it’s own right. Please click on integrated reception systems for more information.

IRS Consultations

Communal Aerials Ltd are happy to help you through IRS systems, whether that is for smaller blocks to much larger blocks, to housing associations and managing agents.

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